Illuminata è un progetto Schweigkofler Communications  © Copyright 2017

We love stories!

We love light!

We love storytelling with light


And we love to inspire! Infotainment, Entertainment, Edutainment


Illuminata is spectacular communication,

engaging and originala

Storytelling with videomapping,

embedded in uniquely immersive brandscapes.




Infotainment – Edutainment – Entertainment 

Communicating using innovative and spectacular methods like videomapping has a universal appeal

to your audience, partners, clients, staff and the media.

Though videomapping is still a little-known technique, it has opened up completely new possibilities

around the world. Our Mappings in combination with superb storytelling and riveting brandscapes

(sound perfectly tailored to your brand), are beautifully organic and innovative productions,

simultaneously spectacular and informative: a new, fascinating and engaging language.


Storytelling animato

We are story-tellers and we will bring your communication and unique brand to life. We will find the right poetry for your messages and transform it into light, sound and projections. Illuminata brings history and stories to life, animates landscapes and awakens organizations, cities and tourism destinations as well as your company and your product. We will amaze your clients and audiences. 


High Tech – High Touch

With Illuminata the perception of a reality radically changes by immersing visitors in a breathtaking virtual experience. The viewer will be virtually sucked into a vibrant world: a multimedia, multi-sensual journey through time and space using our immersive 3D technology and 3D sound.

We redesign our locations entirely, painting them in colours with a feeling you would not have thought possible.


Intelligent, informative, innovative

Illuminata is a cutting edge format that combines show, communication and sophisticated technology. We are leaders in the evolution of the multisensual mapping, thanks to unique technology and know-how.

Our teams are made up of the world's best artist: video designers, light designers, composers, cartoonists, directors, consultants and communication experts. The artistic lead of our Shows always lies in the highly-capable hands of recognized show directors and will be supervised by communication experts the whole way. We are part of a worldwide partnership network because Illuminata wants to be at the forefront of technology, communication, and entertainment.