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Brand Mapp’s

An intelligent, innovative and informative story about the values ​​and hidden treasures of your company expressed in light, pictures and sound. We will try and capture the spirit of your company, its history, feelings, successes and visions plus the strength of your ideas and your teams.

Illuminata Brand Mappings are uniquely spectacular shows that tell you who you are, where your roots lie and how your vision may look using state-of-the-art mapping technology and custom-tailored Brandscapes. An intelligent and innovative way to communicate the value and values ​​of your company through images, lights and sounds.
Brand Mapp's present a company (Company Mapp's), your products (Product Mapp’s, perfect for a product launch), Anniversaries (Jubilee Mapp's), the special location (Location Mapp's) or the story behind your logo and your brand (Brand Mapp's)
Illuminata Mapp's are apt for both indoor and outdoor and are also suitable for trade fairs or conferences. Of course, you could also create an unforgettable event, whether it be for company parties, open house or product presentations

Please also note that Illuminata shows are not a once and done product; rather they can be shown again and again and be adapted for other formats and uses (homepage, social media, internal training).
Be relevant. A new and interactive format to tell about your company. Become part of the story

A virtual journey through the history of a city (CityLuxx), a region (RegioLuxx), a landscape, but also a special location to be celebrated: monuments, castles, village squares, city walls, archaeological remains (Archeo Mapp's); Theaters and opera houses (Opera Mapp’s), museums or science centers or general buildings, which are characterized by special architecture (Architectura Mapp's).
Immerse yourself in spectacular history and take your audience on an unforgettable journey through time and stories. We review milestones and meet protagonists of the past with the technology of the future.

Illuminata City Mapp's are the ideal format to enchant your visitors: locals and guests, schools and families. In 30 minutes we’ll burn unforgettable images into your visitors’ memories. 

Become part of the story!

City Mapp’s

Opera Illuminata 

For the first time: Videomappings from Illuminata is in theaters. We create the scenery of the future. We don’t stop there; rather we illuminate the entire theater and create an unexpected new fantastic world. With an integrated auditorium, where the viewers themselves are part of the presentation. It’s touching, unique and innovative. 

Congress Mapp´s 

Our mappings are the ideal entry into your congress. The ice is broken immediately, you are right into the event. The theme is spectacularly announced, the tension increases, the expectations are fulfilled.

Also for the introduction of the speakers our Congress Mapp's are ideal. The speakers are spectacularly accompanied on the stage and are now in a worthy setting. Only a few seconds, but the effect is amazing.

And for sponsors and stakeholders! The presentation is adequate, spectacular; Logos are no longer just projected, but epically staged.



A fresh breeze for museums and visitor centers. The elaboration of the contents, the exhibits, the topics through our magnificent light productions ensure Wow! Effects, for an unforgettable xperience, for touching moments. The effect of our maps in a sober environment is great. And it  creates a working selfie station.